Pursuant to the CITIES Act of 2017 and other like statutes.

Six Silofaisan citizens at least living in the same area not greater in size than 5,000 square kilometers may petition to incorporate a city, which will be dissolved if its population ever becomes fewer than 6 citizens. The petition is filed with and verified by the Chief Secretary, upon whose public proclamation following verification a city is founded in full force and effect.

Each city has a city council of three councilors, who are elected altogether, at large, and annually using the single transferable vote method. At the start of each term, and for the remainder of the same term, the three councilors choose among themselves a chief executive who is called the ‘mayor’.

The statutory purpose of cities is not to create or maintain any particular, traditionally municipal service, but to organize Silofaisans locally in order to…

  • Foster personal friendships and camaraderie; a shared sense of connection and allegiance to the Republic; and a recognizable, active and admirable culture of both Silofais and the given locality.
  • Give well an intrinsic motivation for active, thoughtful and willful participation in the governance of Silofais and the social or civic activities of the given locality.
  • Provide a clear and easy path to Silofaisan naturalization for any foreign person having a good-faith reason to become a citizen.